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About EMDR Intensives

 EMDR Intensives are offered in half, full, or multi-day sessions.  They can be used on their own or in addition to individual therapy.  EMDR Intensives will allow you to work through issues in days that would typically take months or even years.  The work is intense, but it is healing.  There are different formats that may work for you depending on your needs.  All intensives are virtual at this time.

Intensive Therapy  Session

An Intensive Therapy Session can be several extended sessions lasting 3-6 hours each.   These sessions allow you to fast track the healing and relief so that you can engage in your life fully.  

Therapy Retreats

A Therapy Retreat is an EMDR Intensive that is highly concentrated and focused to allow you to work through issues with a 2-4 day healing retreat.

Adjunct Therapy Session

For Clients who are working with another therapist and who would benefit from EMDR sessions to target underlying experiences that may be impacting progress in therapy.  


Efficient Use of Time to Make Lasting Change

Weekly individual sessions allow you to begin addressing adverse experiences, but often get interrupted by present day stressors that, understandably,  disrupt the process. Intensives can provide profound and lasting change in a matter of days rather than months or years.  

Impact on Schedule
No More Weekly Appointments

Cut down on weekly sessions and having to schedule work and life around therapy sessions.  Instead dedicating 1-3 days to focus on growth, healing and connection. 

You don’t have to live In Massachusetts

An EMDR Intensive allows you to travel from anywhere in the world to Massachusetts to work with me distraction free.  Then return home to your daily life.  I can provide more detailed information on travel accommodations 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the different EMDR Intensive options?


 During the consultation we can discuss which option is best for you at this time. 

  • Intensive Therapy Sessions  are typically for someone who is working through a recent trauma or is feeling stuck in their life and having difficulty moving forward for various reasons.   These sessions are 3-6 hours and can vary in duration.

  •  Adjunct EMDR Therapy  is recommended for folks who currently have a therapist, but may need support in processing trauma or early adverse experiences, while continuing to process weekly with their current clinician.  These sessions are usually 3-6 hours  or 2-3 hours each over multiple weeks.  

  • Therapy Retreats  are 2-4 day healing retreats that include: EMDR, Yoga Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Meditation Practices.  These retreats are virtual at this time.  Full Day Therapy Retreats typically begin at 9am and usually end by 4 pm.  We will pause  midway for lunch and take breaks as needed, making space to listen to your needs throughout the process.   

All intensives require an initial intake meeting.

Are Intensive Sessions covered by my health insurance?

Therapy Intensives are not completely covered by insurance companies.   Most insurance plans don't cover more than a 60-minute session per day.  Payment Plan options are available.

How much does an intensive cost?

The cost of the intensive sessions are dependent on the type of session you are scheduling.  

Full Day Intensive Sessions includes

Intake Session

6 Hour Intensive Session

Follow Up Session

Personalized Workbook & Self Care Plan

$1975 (USD)


Half Day Intensive Session includes

Intake Session

3 Hour Intensive Session

Follow Up Session

Personalized Workbook & Self Care Plan

$1400 (USD)

Multi-Day Intensive Session includes

Intake Session

TWO 4hr Intensive Sessions

Follow Up Session

Personalized Workbook & Self Care Plan

$2580 (USD)

Adjunct EMDR Session includes

Intake Session

3 Hour Intensive Session

Personalized Workbook & Self Care Plan

Follow Up Session /Consultation with primary therapist

$1400 (USD)

(Must have a primary therapist)

Helping The Helpers EMDR Sessions includes

Intake Session

3 Hour Intensive Session

Follow UP Sessions

$1050 (USD)

(Must be a mental health professional) 

Additional Intensive Sessions

3 Hour Intensive Session (Add-on)

Follow Up Session

$650 (USD)

6 Hour Intensive Session (Add-on)

Follow Up Session

$1200 (USD)

 A 50% deposit is required to schedule an appointment.  The remaining cost will be due prior to the start of the session.

How long does an Intensive Therapy Session last?


I typically work with folks for 1-4  half day sessions OR 1-3 consecutive days.  Each session length is different based on the needs of the person.  I will recommend an estimated number of days the work will take at our initial meeting.  Every person is different and there is no guaranteed amount of time for resolution. 


What should I do to prepare for an Intensive Session?

Treat the days around your session like a personal retreat – a time to really focus on healing and caring for yourself.   We will discuss the length of the intensive during your consultation to determine what goals you hope to achieve through this work.  Additionally there will be paperwork to complete prior to the session. 

What can I expect afterwards?

Everyone has a different experience, but it’s not uncommon to feel a bit tired for a few days after the processing.  Many people have described feeling more in control of their emotions, being able to connect with people in a different way, increased capacity to resolve challenges, and a significant change in how they show up in spaces.  


How do I schedule an Intensive?

Schedule a 15  minute virtual consultation HERE.  This is NOT a therapy session, but a chance to determine which service might be right for you.  From there we will identify a date and time that works for both of us.  


What if I need to reschedule my appointment?


If you are unable to keep your appointment, please reach out in advance to discuss rescheduling.  You may reschedule your appointment up to two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment.  Cancellations will result in your deposit being refunded minus $300 administrative fee. 


Do you offer Emergency Support?

This office does not provide emergency or 24-hour support, meaning this may not be the right service if you are actively in crisis.  If we determined during your consultation that this may not be the best fit I will provide you with referrals who may better support you. 

Is there research to support EMDR Intensives?

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